Author of children's nature and meditation books, Barbara first found the magic in connecting with nature at a young age while growing up in her homeland Papua New Guinea, where countless days spent roaming the earth is what she now believes to have had the greatest impact on her infectious positive outlook on life. Barbara's dream is to create a world where kids are connected to their higher self, they are self-expressed and brave enough to follow their dreams. She does this by helping children to develop a lifelong bond with their natural surroundings, a safe space where they can always go to retreat, relax, recharge and reconnect.


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Her books have been internationally recognized, positively reviewed by the US Review of Books, and awarded a gold star for literary excellence from Trafford Publishing. Barbara has donated her books internationally to UNICEF, to schools in Australia, Nepal, the Pacific, and Papua New Guinea (Barbara's native country), and will continue to donate through charities & educational organisations worldwide. 


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While working with children in the areas of yoga, meditation, connecting with nature, Barbara also works in Disability Support. She also co-ordinates vegan market's events, and volunteers monthly at organizations helping children in disadvantaged communities, and hopes to continue her donations of books, funds and time to causes that are close to her heart.


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Barbara also holds regular yoga classes and mindfulness book readings for children, encouraging them to connect with nature.


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MIndful books for childrenMIndful books for children